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10 Leadership Lessons from Disney World

In Lee Cockerell’s book Creating Magic, he outlines the 10 leadership principles taught to all of the employees of Disney World. I wanted to share them with you because not only are they great principles in business, they are great principles for you, your players, and your team. I have shared with many players on my Snapchat lately that if you want to be successful you have to study successful people no matter which field they come from. That is exceptionally true about leaders and leadership, which is why I want to share the following 10 principles with you, followed by my brief comments.

#1 Remember, everyone is important.
Nothing substantial has ever been achieved by 1 person.

#2 Break the mold.
Just because something has always been done a certain way doesn’t make it the right way. Don’t be afraid to challenge the norm

#3 Make your people your brand
I’ve said it before and I will say it again PLAYERS COME FIRST.

#4 Creating magic through training
Have a plan, work hard, and execute it. If it needs to be adjusted, then adjust it. Don’t let your pride get in the way of preparing your players to reach their maximum potential.

#5 Eliminate hassles
20 percent of the people will cause 80 percent of the problems. yet as leaders we focus too much time on that 20 percent instead of focusing on the 80 percent of the people focused on being the best they can be.

#6 Learn the truth
One message I am trying to deliver to players on Snapchat is self-awareness. Look in the mirror and be real with yourself. Don’t sugarcoat where you are because it will inhibit where you want to be.

#7 Burn the free fuel
Appreciation, recognition, and encouragement don’t cost anything. And effort and attitude don’t take any athletic ability or talent.

#8 Stay ahead of the pack
Never be to certain you are “right”. Choose curiosity and a stance of learning and you will always be able to stay current on the freely traded information and ideas of the internet age. Run away from stubborn pride.

#9 Be careful what you say and do
Not only is it a reflection of you, but it is also a reflection of your team. Not just in your decision making but reflecting the core principles of our program such as passion, positive attitude, and humility.

#10 Develop Character
Sports are the only places for youth today to develop their character. Treat it as such. Sometimes we as coaches, and adults forget the golden rule. Do unto others as you would want to be done unto you.

Commit to the Process. Embrace the Grind. Win Every Day.

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