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When asked what advice he would give a kid who wants to play for him, Urban Meyer delivered a message to both parents and athletes.  A message that all of us should follow as entitlement not only grows through baseball but through our society as a whole.

“Sometimes I hear stories, and I’ve seen, where the parent’s an idiot,” Meyer said. “Quit bothering the coaching staff. Support your son. You ask what advice I would give? Support your coach at all costs. You don’t have the answer. I spend 15 times the amount of time with that guy (Jones) as my son. When parents come to me and start explaining to me how to coach a team, I’ve got a problem with that. That’d be my advice. If you’re parents, brothers, sisters or are an athlete yourself, if you get hit in the face, support your coaching staff, make a difference, be part of the solution. If you do that, you win championships.”

No matter your affiliation heed the advice and start being part of the solution, even if it takes swallowing some pride.

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