“Because it has always been this way”

That’s a pretty bad answer to a series of common questions.

Why do we have to play travel ball? Why do we always take infield this way? Why is this the way we practice? and the list of questions could go on.

Part of the answer is, “Because if someone changes it, that someone will be responsible for what happens.” and then the other part is in the coaching universe there will always be someone who will tell players what they want to hear, not what they need to hear.

Imagine football as far back as 10 years ago when everyone huddled.  Then a man named Chip Kelly came along from University of New Hampshire and challenged the history of football by saying “huddling is pointless” and time of possession doesn’t matter.  People scoffed at the arrogance, now hardly anyone huddles and everyone has some form of tempo offense.

In my years as a head coach we tried to do a lot of things different but one simple thing was we eliminated throwing the ball around after strikeouts (stolen from someone smarter than me) something simple yet profound.  His words were “it slows us down and inevitably once or twice a game the ball ends up in left field.”  Now I could write a dissertation on the pace at which baseball is played at every level.  Long Story Short, It’s terrible.  I would challenge you in your own program to ask “why”.

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