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Compared to What?

Without a doubt, there’s always someone taller, someone faster, someone that throws harder, hits better, fields better, and the list goes on.  I did it when I was a player, and I have done it as a coach.  Comparing players is in the fabric of athletics.  But I have retired.   Not from coaching, but from comparing.  Why?  Because it is a useless practice that is the root of holding back every player from what they might be or could be capable of and is counter productive to what my ultimate goal in player development is…..progress.  One foot in front of the other, slow and steady patient progress.  Did we learn nothing from the tortoise?

Honestly, What is the comparison for?

Is it a players job to be the most at a thing? To be better than the previous guy, or to be the best player on the team?

Player goals range from batting average to RBI’s to home runs for hitters and Strikeouts, Wins, and ERA for pitchers. But it’s probably more likely that players should be focused on the entire team winning the game, and better yet serving the team without selfish intent.

Just because a something can be noticed, measured, compared, or worried over doesn’t mean it’s important, or even relevant.

Better, I think, to decide what’s important, affecting positive change, what’s worth accomplishing. And then ignore all comparisons that don’t relate. And at the end of the day the most relevant comparison for players, the only one that matters, is comparing their game to what they’re capable of.

Sure, compare. But compare the things that matter to the journey. The rest is noise.

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