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In the coaching community things such as hard work, dedication, a good attitude, and playing the game the right way have become such cliche roadmaps to success they almost always fall on deaf ears today.  While these factors are no doubt true I would argue they will only get you 90% of the way to the top of the mountain.  While most players won’t conquer the 90%, what is it that will get the players that do the final 10% of the way?  One that I wrote about on Wednesday (if you missed that it’s on my blog HERE) was embracing the grind and mastering the battle over human nature; laziness, selfishness, blame, and excuses.
The second is this.  When faced at a crossroads of objective opinions ALWAYS choose curiosity.  Staying curious absolutely defines the greatest people in every field.  Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, even someone like Chip Kelly.  All chose a life of curiosity instead of a life of black and white; right and wrong.   Matters within baseball are much too gray for someone to alway be right and for someone to be wrong, it is the great ones that choose curiosity.  Try this exercise from Geoff Miller’s Book Intangibles.

Read the following sentence.

Re-read the sentence, and this time count the number of times you read the letter F. How many did you count?
Most people do, but the answer is six.
“I just asked you to read a simple sentence in English, which is something you’ve been doing since you were a little kid, and you missed something!” I would explain. “The same is true for this game of baseball. You think you know how to play the game—you’ve been playing it for most of your life, and you’re better at this than anything else in the world. But let this exercise be a warning for you. If you go into this experience thinking you know what you’re looking at, you’re going to miss a lot along the way.” 

Embrace the Grind:  Winning the war against human nature.  Always choose curiosity.  And conquer the last 10%

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