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Don’t Get Your Foot Down Early

Put simply, the stride is the swing. It’s importance to a hitters development can’t be overlooked.  The two main functions of the stride is the dynamic loading and preparation for explosive movement and the positioning of the body to allow for maximum adjustments to pitch speed and location

There isn’t a one size fits all solution to the stride but when done properly, in the correct sequence the stride stretches the body to allow for increased power through explosive total body movement. This includes not only the stretch created in the trunk but also gaining control of the body in the rear leg priming it to produce force.

The vast majority of swing adjustments for pitch location and speed are done during the stride, BEFORE the bat swing. With a little thought we can see how this is optimal. The hitter wants to position the body and the bat correctly before initiating the bat swing. Once in proper alignment, the hitter can concentrate on developing maximum force. Swing adjustments made during bat swing will DECREASE bat speed.

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