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If baseball is a grind, and if you love baseball then you better love the grind.   Most of us instinctively avoid struggle because it is uncomfortable, and it feels like failure.  If school does us any disservice it promotes failure as a destination.  In fact failure is no more or a destination than success but we are programmed to dwell on failure and shrug off success as if it’s some kind of birthright to us.  As a matter of fact it is that uncomfortable burn of  “almost” that is critical in skill development and constructing neural connections.  Your players brains work just like your muscles:  no pain, no gain.

Curious how skill is developed, and how to unlock the Talent Code?  Daniel Coyle gives you the road map in his book “The Little Book Of Talent”  with quick insight into his study of talent hotbeds.  Check it out on Amazon below.

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