Friday Mailbag 12/1/2017 – Chad Longworth Velo Shop

Friday Mailbag 12/1/2017

What are some external cues you find yourself using the most?

Good Question as you have to be very careful in balancing the line in over cueing the player at the risk of him/her becoming to internal about their swings. Cues and reminders we do use are within the broad parameters of loading such as maintaining posture, creating space, pinning the scap, rotating through the center.  After that it’s very much a process of fail and adjust to figure it out.

Will you have a coach/instructor certification to help grow your reach and influence?

Yes.  Its something we are currently testing and working on.   The biggest hurdle is getting more tech feedback into the hands of instructors and making sure that we are getting similar feedback to our in house equipment so that we can share and compile all of our data to ensure the best programs possible.

Diamond Kinetics or Zepp

First off, I make no money from either.  I will not be tied to products, teams, or individuals that I dont believe serve the best interest of players.  Period.  Diamond Kinetics is a better product.  I have used both, and the whole that exist in the sensor world that Diamond Kinetics fills is in barrel acceleration.  This data point really indicates how well a player sequences his/her kinetic chain to get the barrel to top speed as deep and as quickly as possible!

If you missed my video on how we do our Diamond Kinetics assessments you can see it below.  I encourage you to purchase a DK if you havent already and do your own testing and measurements.  I am here to assist you to match the swing patterns with the data.  You can grab that from Amazon HERE

Please feel free to submit your questions Via DM on Twitter and Instagram and I will answer them here.  Completely anonymous.

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