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In dealing with coaches at all levels I run into this approach more often than you think.  After listening to numerous travel ball coaches tell me about this championship or that championship I usually ask this question.  “What’s the end goal?”  After they stumble around about winning, and maybe a few more programmed answers they stumble into from our PC world we never get to the point.  Development and process geared to College Degrees.  Which at the end of it is the only thing of monetary value you will get from loading up your weekends with this tournament and that tournament, which by the way is the wrong approach to maximizing your potential value as a player, just read The Talent Code.

I will leave you with this thought from Peter Drucker’s Classic Managing Oneself. (Worth every bit of $5.00)

Most people think they know what they are good at.  They are usually wrong.  More often, people know what they are not good at- and even then more people are wrong than right.  And yet, a person can perform only from strength.

Spend some time today thinking about your processes and developing your players.

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