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No question we live in an age where our players are more entitled than ever but one truth remains “To get what you want, you have to deserve what you want” as spoken by billionaire Charlie Munger.  Most players want all of the success and attention garnered by top players but most don’t deserve it. Harsh, I know, but whether it’s shortcomings in attitudes, work ethic, or leadership, championship players make things happen and because of that they get what they want.

The Law of the Catalyst

“Winning teams have players who make things happen”


  • What is a Catalyst?  “get it done and then some people”
  • 3 types of people
    1.  Those who don’t want the ball. They are not going to come through in high pressure situations and they know it.They simply don’t want that responsibility
    2.  Those who want the ball, but shouldn’t have it. The problem is they don’t know that they can’t.
    3. Those that want the ball and should get it. The Players at crunch time that know they will deliver.
  • Catalysts sense things that other’s don’t sense.  They recognize an opportunity and are tenacious in reaching it.
  • Catalysts say things that other team members don’t say, in order to get the team moving.  They will usually know the difference between when a teammate needs a boost, and when he needs a boot.
  • Catalysts feel thins that others don’t feel.  They are passionate about what they do, and they want to share that love with their teammates.
  • Catalysts are capable of doing what others cannot.  Their talent is as strong as their passion.
  • Catalysts don’t recommend a course of action; they take responsibility for making it happen.
  • Catalysts are able to lead teammates in a way that others cannot.

Know who your gamers are.

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