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Recapping the 2013 Santa Clarita ThrowZone Seminar

Last week I was privileged enough to join two excellent speakers – Jim Wagner (ThrowZone) and Kenny Kallen (Velocity Sports) – in beautiful Santa Clarita, CA to talk about pitching. We had an excellent turnout, and the Velocity Sports location worked out perfectly.

Santa Clarita Seminar

Santa Clarita Seminar

We also had a considerable hands-on portion, which the athletes loved. We demonstrated a ton of drills and methods that will be in my upcoming velocity development book, including:

  • Step-Behind Weighted Baseball Maximum Intensity Throws
  • Wall Momentum Drills
  • Pivot Throws
  • Deep-Squat Reverse Throws
  • Advanced Rebounder Throws

I met a lot of athletes who kept in touch with me after the seminar, and I look forward to following the progress of the many pitchers who came out to hear Jim, Kenny, and I speak.

Afterwards, I went to see the world-famous ThrowZone to see where pitchers like Trevor Bauer and Cody Buckel worked out, and it didn’t disappoint!



If you live in the southern California area, you need to talk to Jim Wagner @ ThrowZone and check it out for yourself. It’s got everything you need to develop into the best pitcher you can possibly be.

Thanks everyone for coming out – Jim and I hope to turn this into an annual seminar!


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