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I want to be the top salesman in my company, the top lawyer in my firm, the President of the United States.  Seems unreasonable today huh?   Of course it does but as we push up the baseball pyramid it is important that in order to reach the pinnacle you must play a role first.  Whether you started in the mailroom, or as a clerk, or a neighborhood organizer everyone starts on the theoretical bench.  Today we look at the notes from John C. Maxwell’s Law of the bench in the context of building a championship program from the bottom up.

The Law of the Bench

“Great teams have great depth”

  • Starters are frontline people who directly add value to the team or who directly Influence its course.
  •  The bench is made up of the people who indirectly add value to the organization or who support the starters.
  • To be ultimately successful a great team will have both working together

Reasons to honor and develop as a supporting player:

1.  The success of a supporting player will multiply the success of a starter.

“The main ingredient of stardom is the rest of the team.”

                                                                   John Wooden

2.  A bench player placed correctly will at times be more valuable than a starter.

3.  A strong bench gives the leader more options:

4. The bench is usually called upon at critical times for the team.

You never know when the bench may be needed; a starter can get hurt or a player with a specialized talent such as someone who is fast, a sub can step in and make an impact immediately.  That person’s effectiveness often determines the team’s success.

If you are on the bench, you have 2 jobs:

1.  Help support the starters

2.  Prepare yourself to be a starter in the future.

If you are a starter, then you should not only perform at your best for the sake ofteam, but you should also honor the people on the bench.  You can do this by acknowledging the value of their contributions and by helping them prepare to start some day.

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