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Training to Be A Jungle Tiger

If you’ve read my Bio then you know that 7 years ago I transitioned to on-field coaching into lessons and private training.  About 4 years into that journey I began to hate what I was doing.  We were helping players some but we were creating what I call now “lesson babies”.  We have all seen them.  They show up, they look good, they pose on their swings but once the game starts THEY CAN’T HIT.  So once again I adjusted course and started training players “ugly”.  Weighted bats, high velocity, and anything I could find to challenge them to move better and adapt.  Recently, I was speaking with Clemson Head Coach Monte Lee and I asked him “How are you getting your players to buy into this process that involves such a great level of struggle?” Because if I know anything, I know that hitters are very fragile to their levels of in-game failures, so often times they use practice times to seek comfort, not challenge.  His response was that it may sound somewhat cheesy but he had shown his team a TED Talk about a zoo tiger and a jungle tiger and had challenged them to embrace training like a jungle tiger.  I loved the analogy when I heard it and I loved it even more after I watched the below TED video!

So my challenge to you is this.  Run towards failure and struggle because only in these places will we find opportunities to adapt and improve when it matters the most, IN THE GAME.

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