Rawlings Pro Spin Ball 3 Wheel Pitching Machine

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This machine is my personal favorite.  Unlike most pitching machines that throw balls at spin rates that are unrealistic to game spin, this machine can be easily adjusted for the most game like hitting environment available.  High velocity practice is critical for hitter development.  


Factory Description

Pitch selection couldn't be easier! This Pro Line Three Wheel pitching machine throws any pitch from any angle. The three wheel design provides better contact with the ball for a better pitch control.

The easy to use digital control panel allows the user to directly set pitch speed, curve direction and curve amount (the individual wheel speeds are set automatically by the machine). The digital control panel has inputs for pitch speed, spin direction and spin amount. This machine does the Math for you!

The three wheel pitch machine comes in 3 different models: Baseball, Softball and a Baseball/Softball Combo. All feature a 5 Year Warranty.