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Adult Velo Lab Mark I End load/Knob Load Weighted Training Bat Kit

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With the advent of Statcast in Major League Baseball, we realize now more than ever the importance of the ability to produce exit velocity and how it affects the success of hitters.  Back by scientific research as well as our own in-house athlete data produced by Hittrax weighted bat training is the most effective training to increase both top end and average batted ball exit velocity.

Not only that but by rebalancing the MOI of the bat we challenge the hitter's proprioception and heighten their awareness of where their barrel is in space helping them be more adaptable in real time.

The Mark I End Load & Knob Load bat kit comes with 2 bats.  The end loaded bat has been weighted with a 10% increase in bat weight weighted in the end along with a knob loaded bat that comes with a 20% increase in bat weight weighted in the knob.  

Our training shows this to be the most effective distribution for hitters to train dynamically.

Along with that, you can download the free weighted bat starter guide HERE

Each bat is handcrafted wood along with custom hand milled parts from the hands of hard-working local Craftsman.  The bat also comes hand painted and wrapped with a Vulcan 1.0 bat grip also from a local artist!  This bat truly is a labor of love.  Average production times run up to 2 weeks but we are working on this as we build more inventory from reinvestments into the product from orders!

Don't waste another day with mindless cues and start training dynamically!

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