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Online Hitting Assessment and Analysis

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Data Assessment pricing, as listed, cover up to 2 sources of data (eg. Hittrax, Hittrax + Diamond Kinetics, etc.). 

Data provides clarity and direction of your training plan. It doesn't replace it.

  • TEST. What does your data say you need to work on? Getting a measurable foundation is the starting point for any training plan
  • TRAIN. Make the most out of your practice time working on exactly what you need right now.
  • RETEST. Did your training work? A simple question that gets overlooked.


Why guess when you can measure. A good assessment will never replace good coaching, but rather it can augment and enhance the effeciency of feedback to help the coach do their job better.

What Can We measure?

Batted Ball Data

From a spreadsheet of batted ball data (Hittrax, Fightscope, etc) we can provide and assessment that includes:

  • Peak and Average Exit Velocity
  • Exit Velocity by Field, by Launch Angle
  • Launch Angle by Field
  • Launch Angle Of Hard Hit Balls
  • Distance By Field

Swing Data

From a spreadsheet of swing data (Blast Motion, Diamond Kinetics), we can help you understand the following and where you stand against players playing at the highest levels of amatuer baseball:

  • Bat Acceleration
  • Attack Angle
  • Swing Plane Effeciency
  • Bat Speed
  • Swing Quickness

 How to submit your data file

If you are unsure of how to export your spreadsheet, we will walk you through how to export the appropriate data.  Once data has been exported and saved to a computer, you will emailed to us for analysis.